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We're the #1 Interactive

NEW ( Non-Stop Entertainment Worldwide)

Live-Streaming Talk Network


The World's Only Interactive Connection for Singles and those Going BOLD!

A Global Network & International Community

Home of Going Solo, Going BOLD &

WGSN-DB Going Solo Network TV, Radio & Podcasts

Syndicated Broadcast Distribution Network 

6+ Million Listeners - Featuring Radio, TV & Podcasts from around the world..

46 46 Countries, all 50 States and on over 56 various platforms!

We Connect with LinktoEXPERT Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Authors Organizers, Mentors, Entreputers, Solo-Entreputers, Singles & Everyday People ... Just Like You going through life!

Group Seflie

Be Seen - Be Heard - Be Connected

YOUR Benefits for Having your own show!

Television Exposure

A new path into internet streaming TV whereas we broadcast "LIVE" on Facebook Linkedin & YouTube along with having shows broadcast on various  Amazon TV and Roku channels (5+ Million Listeners)

Group Connection

Our community is a fun and friendly space where you can be yourself and connect with like-minded people who share your interests and values.

Ability to GROW

We provide a safe environment to interact with others who share similar goals, ambitions, and passions by hosting events, workshops, podcasts & community platforms.

Podcast Exposure

Awesome shows that embrace our numerous Hosts and Guests which are informative, inspirational and most of all support our Viewers and Listeners worldwide creating a “Worldwide Positive-Shift Movement”

Event & Speaker Connection

We offer fun and self-empowerment groups, events, and social connections that help you live your best life.

Products & Services Connection

Easy to quickly connect products and services.  Bring in more business with an optimized workflow. Spend time focusing on creating a better customer experience with fewer worries about data management.Feel the freedom of having improved resources and streamlined processes.

Radio Exposure

Brings together “24/7" Connection, Talk, Conversation and Music” for men and women of Going Solo “Singles Network” & Going Bold “Empowerment” an social multimedia connection.

Training & Promotion

Get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed
Increase job satisfaction and development.   Feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.  Take charge of your career path with more options.

Directory Connection

Finding Businesses is easy with Going Solo "Singles" Directory. Search our website to instantly connect with Businesses who have awesome services and products for our Going Solo Singles & Going BOLD. For Local Businesses, our website works as a powerful tool for attracting more clients.


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