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Spiritual Network 
Host, Bella Mari
WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio
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Bella Maria, Spiritual Certified Romance, Love & Empowerment Coach

Spiritual Network

          ***AUDIO ONLY***

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We will bring reverent, entertaining and trustworthy content to their listeners. Spiritual, Fun and Mystical


This show is extremely organic and spontaneous, Spirit led messages. We will never know what happens until it happens. Life is just like that. Learning to be mindful and believe in the universe/God will always guide us and never abandon us.


Come enjoy life with Bella and her friends.

Your Angels know...


  • Ever wanted to learn how to hear your angels?

  • Know what the little messages you received mean?

  • You have pieces of the puzzle but you just don't know what to do?

  • Do you have questions about your love life or life in general?


Bella wants to hear from you.  Email Spiritual Network or Click the Ask Question Button.


Your questions will be answered on one of her great shows. 



Ask Your Angels - Bella Maria

A bit more about Bella Maria...


Bella Maria is Spiritual Romance Coach -  International Certified Psychic Certified Romance and Love Coach


As a certified Psychic under Hollywood Psychic Patti Negri.  She has been able to assist many in the matters of the heart, finances and creative projects. 

Bella was mentored by Dr Ava Cadell and certified as a Loveologist/spiritual romance coach and studied wellness and helped coach many to mindful way of life.

Crystals- Affirmations- EO's O' MY

Bella loves Crystals, Essential Oils being an aromatherapist since the age of 19, loving them so much she created her own business which as been established for over 15 years making lotions and potions for body and wellness.  Using EO's and Crystals with Affirmations is her love.  Can't wait to share more information on patreon in my Spiritual LIght Practice.

He has helped hundreds...Bella can help you too.  Contact her today!

Bella Maria, 
International Certified Psychic, Certified Romance
and Love Coach


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