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Martha Davis Alexander, 
JD, Divorce Coach, Certified F.I.X Code Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer, Mediator, Certified Business, Money, Life and WHY Coach & Host

Simi Valley, California

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About Martha...

Martha spent 50 years figuring out how to leave her parents’ divorce to parents and not carry around the guilt, anger, and trepidation that remained from their divorce.  She went to law school and spent decades practicing family law in an effort to stop the emotional backlash from the divorce crash into the kids.


Now, she helps individuals of divorced parents of all ages break free of the emotional remnants and constraints of their parents’ divorce. She has dedicated her life to “fixing” divorce.

Kids of divorced parents can have all the joy and support of a family, without the divorce fallout. Martha knows that individuals of divorced parents can celebrate holidays, birthdays, and all of their life achievements without a thought to their parents’ divorce.


Martha knows this is possible, because she has done it! If You are still struggling from your parents’ divorce and want something better. You want your children to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and their achievements with joy and abandon, without worrying about their parents’ divorce.  This is the show for you!

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Let’s make sure your parents��� divorce does not continue to deplete your energy, focus, and joy or unnecessarily impact your children.



❖ Having to keep secrets from each parent about the other

❖ Mine fields of topics, phrases, and places

❖ Mental preparation to leave one parent to visit the other

❖ Avoiding family gatherings and celebrations

❖ The stress of supporting an emotionally overwrought parent THE ALTERNATIVE Learn how to let go of the remnants and ghosts of the divorce.


Martha's coaching style is supportive, intuitive, creative and strategic. I celebrate with you when you realize the answers, and I do not hold back from holding you accountable – and calling your bluff when that inner voice tries to block your growth. The waves of divorce don’t have to come crashing down on you or your children.

Join Martha, "LIVE" Weekly  

Thursday WGSN-DB Facebook & YouTube
3 pm PT - 5 pm CT - 6 pm ET


Host, Martha Davis Alexander

JD, Mediator, CFLC

Adult Children of Divorce

Simi Valley, California


Phone: (805) 422- 6865



ASK Martha - Be sure to send an email to Martha directly with any questions and comments and confidently she will answer on one of her great shows. Just click the button....​

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