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"LIVE" on WGSN-DB FaceBook & YouTube
Going Bold Wednesdays @
3:00 pm PT/ 5:00 pm CT/6:00 pm ET
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Host, Arnie Fonseca, Jr.

Coach, Epic Adventurer, Author &

Men's Life Strategist

Phoenix, Arizona

Arnie has been helping men find their "Inner Warrior! Bringing together Health, Love and Life's Adventures to those around him.  He is the Author of the new best seller on Amazon. "Your MBA"

Get Ready to be transformed!

A bit about Arnie....


I believe in challenging the Status Quo! I'm inspired by empowering individuals and businesses who desire to challenge the Status Quo in what they do!

My presentations and programs are about getting you to think differently. To embrace Why you do what you do! I believe that movement is the fastest path to changing how we think. Being part of a Great Adventure will do that! Are you ready to challenge the Status Quo? Let's do this! Come join me on Your greatest and most memorable adventure. Together we can impact and inspire your community!

As a Speaker, Coach and Mentor I am inspired helping You find and nurture what ultimately inspires You. Along the way I will share my extraordinary blend of passion, purpose and enthusiasm for life and business with You.

I'm excited to be your guide on this Epic Journey to Your Adventurous Life!

Contact Arnie Fonseca, Jr - (602) 390-9144

Join Arnie with some Epic Adventures!

ASK Arnie - Be sure to send an email to Arnie with any questions and comments  He will answer on one of his great shows.  Just click the button....
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